10 tours in Ajuda National Palace (Palacio Nacional Ajuda)
Combo (Save 5%): SL Benfica Stadium & Museum Skip-the-Line Guided Tour + Lisbon Card
Combo (Save 5%): SL Benfica Stadium & Museum Skip-the-Line Guided Tour + Lisbon Card





Grab this money-saving combo that gives you skip-the-line access to SL Benfica Stadium and Benfica Museum, with a guided tour too! Along with your stadium passes, you'll also get a Lisbon card which gives you free admission to several museums and historic buildings and public transportation too. SL Benfica Stadium Enter the magnificent SL Benfica Stadium, taking in a panoramic view from the stand. Visit the dressing room to know where legendary players prepared for a game. Whether you wish to be a coach or a player, sit before the lights in the press conference room and experience the thrill of it all. Walk down the Hall of Fame and see the people who made history at Benfica. Feel your heart beating faster as you walk out through the Tunnel and imagine the voices of thousands cheering for victory before you step out onto the pitch feeling the grass. Meet Gloria, Vitoria, and Luz – American Bald Eagles and mascots of the club. Visit the accolades of players who left a mark at the Black Panther and other legends displayed at the Museum. Experience European glory as you explore the European Champion Club’s Cups. Lisbon Card Savor Lisbon’s laid-back vibes and sunny personality with this exclusive card! Feel the pulse of the city by enjoying unlimited travel on city transport. Get free admission to 35 museums and historic buildings. Get skip-the-line access to 17 landmark buildings like the Jerónimos Monastery, the National Costume Museum, and the National Museum of the Azulejo. Experience a virtual reality tour at the 25 de Abril Bridge, considered one of the prettiest in the world. Ride the famous Santa Justa lift and get stunning views of São Jorge Castle. Visit beautiful palaces including the Mafra National Palace and the Ajuda National Palace.
Skip-the-Line Tickets to the Royal Treasure Museum
Skip-the-Line Tickets to the Royal Treasure Museum





The Royal Treasure Museum opened its doors to the public in June 2022. It houses treasures and crown jewels of the Portuguese Royal Family, a dynasty that ruled over Portugal for 9 centuries. Discover the Treasures of the Portuguese Royal Family Your visit begins with the 'Gold and Diamonds of Brazil' exhibit where you can view valuable stones, medals, and coins. Visit the 3rd floor to see the royal treasure’s most precious jewels. Walk to the 4th floor and witness a collection only found in the Royal Treasure Museum, the 'Orders of Knighthood and Orders of Merit'. Behold the 'Royal Insignia' exhibit, and savor the grand decorations of the 'Military Orders of Christ, Avis, and Santiago' in addition to crowns, royal batons, and cloaks. Finally, visit 'The Treasure's Travels' exhibit and learn more about the places where the royal treasure traveled and the routes it took. Lisbon Card With this card, you can explore Lisbon at your own pace and enjoy limitless access to public transportation and free entry to over 39 museums and historic sites. Your card is valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Discover the city's intriguing past at the Lisbon Story Center and the Sintra Myths and Legends Interactive Center. Get skip-the-line entry to iconic locations like the National Costume Museum, Belém Tower, and Jerónimos Monastery. Visit the 25 de Abril Bridge, one of the world's largest suspension bridges, through virtual reality. Ride the renowned Santa Justa lift for breathtaking vistas of the São Jorge Castle. Take a trip to the Mafra National Palace and the Ajuda National Palace, two stunning castles.