Private Berlin Complete History All Day Walking Tour
Private Berlin Complete History All Day Walking Tour





Join our expert guide on this one of a kind Berlin in a Day Tour. This tour is designed for guests who want to visit many of Berlin’s most notable sights, landmarks, and historical areas. We packed this tour with history and local Berlin. This one of a kind tour encompasses many of Berlin’s most historical landmarks. Delves into the vast history of the city from its beginnings to the modern day. This tour is the best way to see everything most people see on their whole Berlin trip in one tour. This tour fits in as many Berlin sites and history as possible. We will have a break for lunch in the middle. Our local expert guides have put hundreds of hours of research into making this a one of a kind Berlin tour. They will point out the importance of monuments, the history of the city, modern-day Berlin, and tell stories and legends from throughout the ages. We will stop for lunch in the middle of this tour at one of our great local partners where guests will learn a little bit about local Berlin cuisine. We will walk at a pace easy for the group and there will be plenty of chances to stop for snacks, bathrooms, and water.  • WWI & WWII HISTORICAL SIGHTS • BRANDENBURG GATE • REMINITCE FROM THE BATTLE OF BERLIN • CHECKPOINT CHARLIE & BERLIN WALL MEMORIAL • EAST SIDE GALLERY & MUSEUM ISLAND • THE REICHSTAG & TOPOGRAPHY OF TERROR • UNTER DEN LINDEN • GUARD TOWERS, GHOST STATIONS, ESCAPE STORIES • MEMORIAL TO THE MURDERED JEWS OF EUROPE • HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITY • SOVIET WAR MEMORIAL • THE BERLIN WALL, GUARD TOWERS & COLD WAR BERLIN • DIVIDED BERLIN EAST VS. WEST • SO MUCH MORE  This is a Walking Tour Pickups are on foot
Stromma: 24/48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour of Berlin
Stromma: 24/48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour of Berlin





Explore the picturesque city center and the west side of the city as you pass the Tiergarten, the most famous public park in Berlin. Also, pass by several iconic locations like the Berlin Palace, and countless exciting museums, attractions, and historical landmarks on the way. First bus: 9:50am from stop #1 (Alexanderplatz) Last bus: 3:25pm from stop #1 (Alexanderplatz) Frequency: Every 30 mins Popular stops: Berlin Palace, Checkpoint Charlie, Tiergarten & Brandenburg Gate Blue Line (Line 2) On this route, enter the east side of the city, known for its urban, gritty, and alternative districts. Here, you get a taste of the vibrant, diverse, and modern culture that the city is famous for. Learn everything there is to know about the history of the German Democratic Republic. First bus: 10:10am from stop #1 (Alexanderplatz) Last bus: 3:10pm from stop #1 (Alexanderplatz) Frequency: Every 60 mins Popular stops: Karl-Marx-Allee, East Side Gallery & Rotes Rathaus Please click here for a detailed route map and its boarding points. Spree River Cruise Take a 1-hour cruise along the Spree River and experience the city and its multifaceted architecture from the water. First cruise: 11:15am from stop #2 (Alte Börse) Last cruise: 3:45pm from stop #2 (Alte Börse) Frequency: Every 90 mins Third Reich & Cold War Walking Tour Visit one of the most important historic places in Berlin. Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the former Nazi-Germany government district, the so-called Führerbunker, an air-raid shelter that Adolf Hitler used in his last days as the headquarters, and the city center where you learn about the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. Stop by Checkpoint Charlie and learn all about its significance to the history of the world. German Tour: 11:30am from stop #6 (Brandenburg Gate) English Tour: 2pm from stop #6 (Brandenburg Gate) Duration: 90 mins Frequency: Daily Evening Tour Discover the highlights of the city such as Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, the Berlin Wall Memorial and more while listening to the stories that made them so famous. Just sit down, relax, and learn more about this amazing city. Daily: 6pm from stop #1 (Alexanderplatz) Duration: 75 mins
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