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FALLING IN LOVE Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Theatre
Tickets to FALLING | IN LOVE Grand Show
Tickets to FALLING | IN LOVE Grand Show





Experience a love story like no other with FALLING | IN LOVE, the enchanting Grand Show at Berlin's iconic Friedrichstadt-Palast. The Palast is the number 1 stage in Berlin with 700,000 guests annually. Its hall with 1,899 seats is unique, covering almost 3,000 m² of stage space. Step into a world of pure magic where passion and beauty intertwine to create a spectacle that will capture your heart and leave you spellbound. Prepare to be mesmerized as you take your seat and witness over 100 extraordinary artists from around the globe grace the world's largest theater stage. Each artist is adorned in opulent and awe-inspiring costumes designed by the renowned Jean Paul Gaultier and Sasha Frolova. The sheer brilliance of their creative vision will transport you to a realm of extravagance and elegance! Journey to the Hidden Garden of Love FALLING | IN LOVE draws its inspiration from the timeless poem 'The Garden of Love' by William Blake, masterfully brought to life by the talented show maker Oliver Hoppmann. Follow the journey of 'You', a young, passionate soul yearning for love, as they venture through a world where manmade walls crumble to reveal the hidden garden of love. Feel the touch of Parisian designer Jean Paul Gaultier throughout the show, elevating the visual experience to new heights. His signature style and visionary brilliance are showcased in every intricate detail, making FALLING | IN LOVE a true work of art. Over 100 million Swarovski crystals are processed for the FALLING | INLOVE Grand Show. Witness the 280 costumes by Jean Paul GAULTIER (out of a total of 550) with Swarovski crystals featured in the show and around 650 kg of Swarovski crystals used for stage elements alone.
Tickets for Falling in Love grand show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin