Discover Berlin Half-Day Walking Tour
Half-Day Berlin Guided Walking Tour
Berliner Mauertour
Berliner Mauertour



Start your 2-hour Berlin guided tour at ‘The Palace of Tears’ referring to the former border crossing station at Berlin's Friedrichstrasse railway station, the sole border station during the Cold War. Understand the similarities and differences between 2 unique hostile systems in one divided city. See one of the most incredible sites associated with the Berlin Wall, as well as the locations of tragic losses and brilliant escapes at the Reichstag. View the parliament and government district, which have buildings on both sides of the border. Discover what it was to live in the German Democratic Republic, the Eastern Bloc's most heavily policed state. Discover what life was behind the Berlin Wall. Retrace the path of the Berlin Wall Explore this divided city and retrace the path of the Berlin Wall and the "death strip." Walk along Bernauer Strasse, the site of many daring escape attempts, and see the Berlin Wall Memorial and former Stasi Headquarters (DDR secret police). Take a walk through the famous Brandenburg Gate which was a symbol of division between Berlin and Germany during the Cold War and is now a symbol of peace and unity. Visit the Tiergarten Triangle and Checkpoint Charlie Continue your tour by visiting the Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten. Walk from the Holocaust memorial on the former death strip to Potsdamer Platz, where the split is most visible in the former Tiergarten Triangle. The tour concludes at Checkpoint Charlie, where your guide will tell you about the infamous American-Soviet tank standoff and the final hours before the wall fell.