Melbourne Museum: Titanic Exhibition Guided Tour
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Melbourne Museum Entry Ticket





Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Melbourne Museum, a prominent landmark in Victoria. Upon entry, you'll encounter the stunning 30-meter Blue Pygmy Blue Whale exhibit, a majestic representation of one of Earth's largest marine mammals. As you marvel at the towering skeletons of prehistoric creatures, such as the ancient Diprotodon and the formidable T-Rex, the museum offers a unique lens through which to comprehend the evolutionary processes. So many exhibitions, so little time There are a diverse range of interactive displays and multimedia installations suitable for all ages. The Research Institute Gallery exhibition illuminates active and ongoing research in biological and geological sciences through a collection of objects, films, photographs, and interviews. Experience the Dinosaur Walk, featuring a parade of 17 prehistoric animal skeletons, including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, a mammal-like reptile, and Australian megafauna. Animated reconstructions bring their ancient lives to life, while hands-on opportunities let you touch dinosaur teeth and a 25-tonne sauropod's thigh bone. Go and see the "Unfinished Business" exhibition, where photographic portraits unveil the compelling stories of 30 First Nations individuals with lived experiences of disability from diverse corners of Australia. Anthropology enthusiasts will appreciate the First Peoples exhibition that specifically honors Australia's Indigenous cultures.