Walking tour of Zagreb
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Small Group (15 Guests) Guided Tour of Zagreb with Funicular Ride
Small Group (15 Guests) Guided Tour of Zagreb with Funicular Ride



There is no better way to explore Zagreb than to take a walking tour that lets you soak in its rich culture and spectacular architecture. Walk through the Lower and Upper Towns, and witness lush greenery, vibrant streets, historic sites, and local markets. Explore the Lower Town in Zagreb City Center Situated in the Green Horseshoe, a U-shaped city square, Zrinjevac is a park in Central Zagreb. Stroll through this verdant part of the city and proceed to Ban Jelačić Square. It is the central square of Zagreb with centuries-old buildings and antique facades. It is also the boundary between Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town). Marvel at the historic Upper Town of Zagreb Proceed to a ride on the Zagreb Funicular—the world's shortest public transport funicular with a track length of only 66 meters, to reach the Upper Town. Pass through the passageways of Grič Tunnel, which served as a bomb shelter and a promenade during World War II. Visit the Zagreb Cathedral and be awed by its towering height, Gothic architecture, and the two recognizable spires. Visit the Dolac Market, a renowned open farmer's market. Follow it up with a stroll on the pedestrian Tkalčićeva Street, the most vibrant street in Zagreb with many bars, cafes, and souvenir shops. See the Lotrščak Tower, a 13th-century edifice where a cannon is fired daily at noon to mark midday. End your tour at the 13th-century Stone Gate, a shrine and an important oath site of medieval Zagreb.