Vienna: Sisi Museum, Hofburg and Gardens Skip-the-Line Guided Tour
Vienna: Sisi Museum, Hofburg and Gardens Skip-the-Line Guided Tour





Visit the wonderful attractions of Vienna and teleport yourself into a world where culture, heritage, and amazing architecture coexist, along with noteworthy history. Hofburg Palace complex Located in the heart of Vienna, Austria, this sprawling complex is all about rich history and architectural grandeur. The Hofburg served as a political and social center of the Habsburg empire for centuries. On your 2.5-hour guided tour in English, German, Italian, or French, you will visit some of the crucial places of interest in the complex like the Sisi Museum and the Imperial apartments. Sisi Museum and Imperial apartments "Sisi" refers to Empress Elisabeth of Austria who was known to have an incredible jewelry collection that you can admire here. Find exquisite clothing, travel items, beautifying tools, and other artifacts at the museum. Moving to the Imperial apartments, the former winter residence of the Habsburg royal family, you can walk through relevant quarters that tell a lot about the royal family. Private chambers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms are so aesthetically done, that it will leave you amazed. One of the key highlights of the apartment is her exercise room which surely talks about her interest in keeping fit. Of Courtyards and Gardens The open area of the complex is visually breathtaking with its statues, fountains, flowerbeds, and well-designed open spaces. Your 5-star guide will tell you about Heldenplatz and Burggarten and how they were used as venues for important events and Nazi rallies. You will see the famous Spanish Riding School with Lipizzaner horses, a unique breed known for their haute école (high school) equestrian movements. If you visit around winter, there are performances held at the Hofburg Palace.