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Split Private Walking Tour with Diocletian's Palace
Split Private Walking Tour with Diocletian's Palace



If you're a Game of Thrones fan, then this city of Croatia is going to be worth everything! Explore the Split's ruins, churches, fortifications, markets, and beyond on this private guided walking tour. Centuries-old treasures Begin by exploring the Romanesque churches, built in Renaissance and Baroque style architecture. The medieval fortifications and palaces with a Gothic feel will leave you feeling like you're part of that period. Daenerys Targaryen & Diocletian Palace Remember when Daenerys Targaryen conquered the slave city of Meereen? That was all the Diocletian Palace's interiors, transformed and used for filming specific scenes from her reign. Locations like Peristyle Square, and the cellars that you will be visiting with your guide, have all been a part of the series. The Diocletian Palace ruins are not only limited to being a palace, but they cover most of Split and are divided into quarters, each with specific uses. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, locally known as St Duje, and one of the best-preserved Roman buildings. The last prosecutor, Diocletian was honorably interred here in 311 AD. Croatia and the Clock Tower This 1.5-hour walking tour takes you to the historical sights and the daily lives of the people of Split. The Clock Tower here is a significant landmark that has kept time in the city since the 15th century. Proceed to the Medieval Quarter where you can find all the bustling activities at City Hall and Fish Market where you can source fresh seafood or even try delicacies at the cafe. Finally, enjoy walking at the promenade along the Riva Harbor and see Split from a different perspective. Itinerary Golden Gate meeting point Gregory of Nin statue Silver Gate Cathedral of St. Domnius Peristyle Vestibule Cellars Iron Gate Peoples Square