SAVEURS of French BASQUE COUNTRY - Private Gastronomic Adventure
Hondarribia, San Juan & San Pedro Tour
Hondarribia, San Juan and San Pedro minivan guided tour from San Sebastián
San Juan, San Pedro and Hondarribia coast tour
Half-Day Guided Small Group Tour to Hondarribia, San Juan & San Pedro with Hotel Transfers
Half-Day Guided Small Group Tour to Hondarribia, San Juan & San Pedro with Hotel Transfers



Revel in the history, culture, and cuisine of the Basque country with this half-day guided tour. The tour consists of visits to Hondarribia, Mount Jaizkibel, San Juan, Pasajes Bay, and San Pedro. Savour the experience of village life at Hondarribia Visit the ‘OId Town’ and relish its quaint cobblestone streets, houses with coats of arms, and unique buildings that were home to Aristocrats. Then visit the neighborhood of La Marina, a symbolic area in the municipality which includes fishermen's colorful homes, restaurants, and bars serving pintxos with tables outside. Stand Atop the Imposing Mount Jaizkibel Viewpoint At 543 meters above sea level, Mount Jaizkibel is a vantage point that will offer you stunning sceneries of the Basque country including the Bidosa river that famously separates Spain & France, the Cantabrian sea, & the Basque coastline. Enjoy a boat ride across the Bay of Pasajes Walk through San Juan, a town where some of the most iconic scenes of the globally acclaimed television show, Game of Thrones, were shot. Next, arrive at the Bay of Pasajes and hop on a boat ride to experience a place that has been a silent witness to the hundreds of ships' voyages that have gone by before it over the centuries. Once you reach San Pedro, you may visit the numerous buildings of architectural and historical interest and enrich your gastronomic experience with some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the world! Itinerary 9am: Pick up from the hotel in San Sebastian – 9:30am: Village of Hondarribia – 11am: Mount Jaizkibel - 11:30am: Arrival at the Bay of Pasajes, walk through San Juan & cross the bay to reach San Pedro –1pm: Drop-off at the hotel in San Sebastian