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Enter a world of fun and leisure at the largest amusement park in Italy. You'll find something for everyone in the family in the 6 thematic areas sprinkled around the 210-acre park. Get access to attractions and rides that have broken records worldwide. Take a break from the fun as you tuck into delicious meals at the food and beverage outlets, and don't forget to keep yourself hydrated through the day! Thrill-seekers, story lovers, and children - everyone will find a favorite in this extraordinary land of imagination. The park is renowned for its entertaining narrations in 5 shows. The thriller Lucky Lucy, That's Amore the musical, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Hollywood in Viva Hollywood, and more! Take pictures of the Italian landscapes from a vantage point 90 meters high on the second-largest Ferris wheel in Europe - the Eurowheel. With the flexibility of availing this open-dated ticket for one-time use whenever you wish, you're in for a hassle-free and memorable experience at Mirabilandia. The Thrilling Rides in Store The park stretches over 210 acres and has 6 dedicated thematic areas. But you don't have to let the endless choices at Mirbilandia overwhelm you! We've got you covered with an exclusive list of our favorite rides: Route 66 Named after one of the most significant highways in the USA, this thematic area offers you the American Dream through hair-raising rides. Race at the speed of Formula 1 drivers at iSpeed. Challenge your friends and family to a laser game at Reset in apocalyptic New York. Don't miss out on riding Divertical, the tallest water coaster in the world. Catch astonishing performances at the Stunt Area and witness professionals perform mind-bending stunts at the Hot Wheels City. Great For: Hollywood lovers seeking exciting rides Far West Valley Enter an immersive world of long-time travelers finally finding a place to settle at Mirabilandia. Perfect for all ages, this is a rebuilt old west town full of stories to explore. Step into the shoes of a cowboy at Buffalo Bull Rodeo, an exciting ride that'll make your head spin. Brave the El Dorado Falls at a height of 27 meters at over 70km/h. Great For: Fans of the Old West Ducati World As the first thematic area dedicated to Ducati around the globe, you're in for unique rides and attractions here. Motorheads will get a chance to ride the popular Panigale V4 bike in a simulated experience at Desmo Race. Keep the kids engaged with some child-friendly fun. Take them to Diavel Ring where kids can drift and skid, and ride bikes soaring in the sky at Kiddy Monster. Great For: Petrolheads with a love for the Ducati design Dinoland Enter a land older than the ancient world with fantastical beasts, and enjoy 7 kid-friendly rides. Journey through 12,000 square meters and spot 54 intricately-reproduced dinosaurs. Earn your Jurassic license at Brontocars, and have some dizzying fun at Raptotana. Great For: Fantasy lovers and Jurassic World fans Adventureland As promised in its name, this thematic park is for an adventurous voyage of ancient cultures of Mayan cities and temples in the jungles of Thailand. Don't miss out on experiencing the Katun, the most loved inverted rollercoasters in Europe. Sail through a rafting course with rapids and rock walls at Rio Bravo. Great For: Adrenaline junkies looking for high-intensity rides Bimbopoll Dedicated to the little ones, this area has engaging rides and attractions that will entertain children to no end. Ride the Carousel, jump through the play area at Ottoland, and let the kids find hidden paths at a fortress at Fantasyland. Great For: Toddlers and their friends
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Mirabilandia tickets
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