Full Day Guided Tour to Furnas with Lunch Included
Furnas Day Trip + Gorreana Tea Plantations
Kayaking in Lagoa das Furnas + Terra Nostra Park
Furnas Jeep Tour + Tea Plantations
Furnas Hot Springs Experience at Night
Lagoa das Furnas Bike Tour
Sete Cidades Lagoa do Fogo Furnas Nordeste 135.€PER PERSON Lunch
Guided Biking & Kayaking Tour at Furnas with Lunch
Guided Biking & Kayaking Tour at Furnas with Lunch



Located on the southeast side of São Miguel Island, approximately 31 miles from the main city of Ponta Delgada lies the tiny civil parish of Furnas, home to less than 1,500 people. The fact that Furnas Valley is a dormant volcano crater sets it apart from any other region in the world. All the constructed legacy of this idyllic location is open for everyone to explore, learn, and enjoy, right up until the point where fumaroles (gaseous vents) and boiling waters are found. Traverse the unpaved roads, experience the majesty of being in the center of a lake surrounded by green hills, explore the walkways and alleys of charming gardens from the 18th century, and relax in the warm pools. The fumarole scent, the garden hues, and the faint tremor of this dormant volcano are ever-present. What to Expect On Your Guided Tour? You can choose to be picked up from either Picos de Aventura Main or Ponta Delgada and make your way to Furnas. The thrilling fun begins right away with the bicycle tour, largely following the circumference of the Lagoa das Furnas. Anyone curious about the volcano's caldera must join this excursion. The trail starts out from the fumaroles and follows the gravel road around the lagoon. Ride on to Lombo dos Milhos, where you can take in more of the surrounding countryside and meadows on this bicycle tour. Following a leisurely meal at a church restaurant in Furnas, the group moves on to go canoeing. When you initially set out in the canoes, paddle your way directly to the middle of the lagoon. Here, take in the full scope of how these island-forming volcanoes have changed the landscape. Keep canoeing across the river until you reach the opposite side, all the way to the neo-Gothic church that was built in the 19th century.