Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Independent Shopping Trip
Skip-the-Line Tickets to Istanbul Aquarium Ticket with Transfers
Skip-the-Line Tickets to Istanbul Aquarium Ticket with Transfers





The first step of the trip involves getting picked up from one of the aforementioned locations. People visiting from outside the specified locations unfortunately, cannot take advantage of the transfer service. Upon your arrival at the aquarium, you will be granted priority access in accordance with your ticket. You cannot help but be blown away by the magnificent sights that greet you inside. This enchanting underwater world features over 17,000 sea and land creatures belonging to 1,500 different species of animals. Thus, making the aquarium one of the most prized attractions in the city. Its massive scale is best represented with staggering figures like 7,000 cubic meters of water filling up 64 tanks. Additionally, the aquarium boasts a 1.2 kilometer-long geographical route, starting from the Black Sea and ending with the Pacific Ocean. The Different Zones It contains different themed areas including 1 rainforest and 16 geographical zones housing myriad of animals under one roof. You can learn a great deal about these marine creatures and their specific environments through exhibits like the Red Sea Area, Amazon Rain Forests, South Pole Area, Banggai Cardinal Fish, etc. Last but not least, do not leave the aquarium without walking through the tunnel that stretches for 83 meters and displays 270-degree spectacular views of the ocean bed. That sight is absolutely capable of putting you in a trance like nothing else. What Kind of Animals To Expect at The Aquarium? You will find a wide array of fishes including piranhas, balloon fish, sharks, guitarfish, clownfish, starfish, crabs, stingray bay, clownfish alley, and many others swimming in the aquarium’s many tanks. Furthermore, the aquarium is also home to gentoo penguins, capybaras, penguins, etc. You can watch them from a distance or try to interact with these animals for a fun experience. Moreover, if you arrive with young children, make sure that they get to watch the fish feeding shows where they can observe these creatures even more closely.