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Combo (Save 7%): Dreamworld + SkyPoint Observation Deck Tickets
Combo (Save 7%): Dreamworld + SkyPoint Observation Deck Tickets





Experience the thrill of Dreamland, where over 40 rides and attractions await your excitement. Brace yourself for The Claw, a thrilling pendulum that propels you 8 stories high, spinning you 360 degrees for an adrenaline-packed adventure. For a bird's eye view of Ocean Parade, buckle up in Tail Spin's mini airplane and take control of your flight path. If you're with the family, enjoy the kid-friendly attractions, like a nostalgic road trip in a 1911 vintage Ford replica or soaring across 12 regions of Australia with Sky Voyager's immersive effects. Dreamworld isn't just a theme park; it's also a wildlife conservation park. Explore Tiger Island, the Gold Coast's exclusive spot for up-close encounters with majestic wild cats. Kids can crawl through viewing tunnels into the enclosure, while daily tiger presentations showcase their natural behaviors like jumping, climbing, and swimming. Alongside tigers, discover beloved Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, crocodiles, and koalas. SkyPoint Observation Deck SkyPoint, the exclusive beachside observation deck of Australia, offers an unparalleled vista extending from the ocean waves to the lush hinterland and beyond. Experience the breathtaking scenery from Brisbane to Byron Bay by day, and revel in the enchanting Gold Coast skyline by night. Utilize high-quality binoculars to marvel at the surrounding urban landscape, indulge in the informative short film "The Birth of Paradise" at the Theatrette to delve into the history of Surfers Paradise, and explore Surf World, an exhibition celebrating the region's rich surf culture.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Tickets
Dreamworld Gold Coast Tickets





A world of excitement awaits at Dreamland with 40+ rides and attractions. If you prefer your fun with a healthy dose of adrenaline, you’ll love The Claw, a powerful pendulum that swings you 8 storeys high while spinning 360 degrees. Tail Spin straps you into a mini airplane and whips through the air while offering a bird's eye view of Ocean Parade. The best part? You get to take control and decide whether to spin away or remain stationary. If you are enjoying a day out with your kids, the family-friendly and kid-friendly attractions offer slightly less thrill that will still leave everyone delighted. Hop into a 1911 vintage Ford replica and go on a road trip; you might just spot a koala if you keep your eyes on the trees. The Sky Voyager takes the whole fam on a trip across 12 regions of Australia, complete with motion-programmed seating and special effects such as sound, light, wind, mist, and scents. Visiting during Queensland and New South Wales school holidays? You’ll get something extra to deal with the peak crowds - a bonus ticket that lets you bypass the queue for 1 ride on the day of your visit. Get close to Australian wildlife The theme park doubles as a wildlife conservation park. Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is the only place on Gold Coast where you can go close to the majestic wild cats. Children can crawl through viewing tunnels into the enclosure, and daily tiger presentations let you enjoy all the activities they would perform in the wild such as jumping, climbing, and swimming. In addition to tigers, you will find favorites from Aussie wildlife including kangaroos, crocs, and koalas.