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Skip-the-Line Florence Highlights and David Walking Tour
Florence in a Day: City Centre Walking Tour with Accademia & Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Florence in a Day: City Centre Walking Tour with Accademia & Uffizi Gallery Tickets





Although vast in its offerings, and the birthplace of a widespread artistic movement, Florence is quite compact. Go on a walking tour of the city and its historical center, covering all the must-see outdoor sights. Admire the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge where colorful jewelry stores line the cobbled street. Visit the leather market and rub the nose of Il Porcellino for good luck. Your expert guide will lead you around Piazza Signoria where you’ll hear the stories behind the beautiful sculptures and see the place where Michelangelo's David once stood. Florence Cathedral Take some time to visit the crown jewel of Florence, Il Duomo, from outside. Known for its huge dome visible from all over the city, Florence Cathedral is a sight to behold. Hear all about Brunelleschi’s feat in creating such a marvel and the challenges he faced along the way. Entry to the Duomo is free and you can visit independently if you wish. The guide will provide you with a full explanation of its interior and exterior. Accademia Gallery The Accademia Gallery is our last stop for one of Florence’s many show-stoppers. Skip the long lines here with a pre-reserved entry time and prepare to be amazed. Housed in a bright open space beneath a roof that had to be raised to accommodate him, is Michelangelo’s great sculptural masterpiece, ‘David’. Before entering, your guide will help you admire him from every angle, explaining the techniques that Michelangelo used to make marble look as soft as butter. She will also take some time to explain his unfinished ‘Slaves’. Then, explore the museum yourself! Uffizi Gallery In keeping with our promise to see all of Florence in a day, the tour will take a break where you can roam about or grab a lunch on your own dime and pace. Then you will regroup, energized for the final leg of the day. Skip-the-line hosted access at the Uffizi Gallery saves hours wasted in line to enter instantly. On your independent visit, navigate through the iconic works by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Perugino, Michelangelo, Titian, and Vasari to name just a few.
Medici's Mile Guided Walking Tour with Boboli Gardens Tickets
Medici's Mile Guided Walking Tour with Boboli Gardens Tickets





Begin a captivating walk through a UNESCO World Heritage area, spanning a mile of unparalleled beauty adorned with breathtaking monuments and open-air masterpieces! Guided by a local expert guide, immerse yourself in the city's rich history, unveiling the tales of the influential Medici dynasty. This powerful family dedicated their wealth to the patronage of art, laying the groundwork for the Renaissance era. Uncover stories of intrigue, power struggles, and secrets, balanced by narratives of remarkable foresight. Traverse the same narrow streets, touch the stones that built their residences, and witness the grandeur of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, their initial dwelling in the San Lorenzo district. Visit their Church and mausoleum, the Medici Chapels, and marvel at the Cathedral with Brunelleschi’s Dome and the imposing Palazzo Vecchio on the stunning Piazza della Signoria. Continue your journey following externally the Vasari Corridor, an elevated passageway connecting the banks of the river Arno. Behold the beauty of the Ponte Vecchio and Santa Felicita Church, unveiling the secret corridor used by the Medici Grand Dukes to discreetly move between Palazzo Pitti and their offices in Palazzo Vecchio. Conclude your adventure at the majestic Pitti Palace, the final residence of the Medici, and explore on your own the enchanting Boboli Gardens. As a special treat, we offer you an exclusive entrance ticket to independently explore the Boboli Gardens, Porcelain Museum, and Bardini Gardens.