Combo (Save 5%) : Casa Batlló  + Barcelona Zoo Tickets
Combo (Save 5%) : Casa Batlló + Barcelona Zoo Tickets





Enjoy a unique sightseeing experience at Casa Batlló, one of the renovated apartments that put Gaudí's unforgettable work in the spotlight. While it primarily served as the residence of the Batlló family, it also has rented housing that is sewn together by a magnificent entrance that you won't miss. Its facade is sprinkled with bits of blue, mauve and green, giving you an unforgettable sight and is a testament to Gaudí's mastery. While you enter this unconventional building, you will benefit from an audio guide that will give you everything you need to know about Gaudí's ingenious work. Your ticket also includes access to Gaudí Cube (360°), with which you can enjoy a unique glimpse into the master architecture's mind. Barcelona Zoo Located in the heart of the city at Ciutadella Park, a visit to the Barcelona Zoo is ideal for a family day out. It hosts over 400 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, including some that are rare and endangered. The Zoo has been divided into 11 distinct spaces, each housing certain related species. The Land of Dragons, for instance, is dedicated to a set of animals native to the Asia Pacific, especially the Komodo dragons that it is named after. At the Terrarium, see one of the most varied collections of amphibians and reptiles in all of Europe including iguanas, poison dart frogs, boa constrictors, and pythons! The primate enclosure was inaugurated in 2006 and is dedicated solely to gorillas, the primates that are closest in nature and biology to human beings. There’s also Aquarama, the zoo's colony of sea lions. The large circular tank of water that houses the sea lions is three stories high and holds two and a half million liters of water. The first floor of Aquarama is also home to a number of species native to the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.
Combo (Save 5%): Barcelona Zoo + Aquarium Barcelona Tickets
Combo (Save 5%): Barcelona Zoo + Aquarium Barcelona Tickets





Looking for the ideal family day out? Say no more, Barcelona Zoo and Aquarium Barcelona are the perfect spots for you! Barcelona Zoo Situated in the lush Ciutadella Park, the Barcelona Zoo boasts over 400 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, including rare and endangered ones. Check out the fascinating zoo spaces that display an impressive array of diversity - Land of Dragons, Terrarius, Aviary, Farm, Primate Gallery, Titis gallery, Palm trees, Flying Birdhouse, and Biodiversity Garden. Housed within them are the red panda, the African Savannah elephant, the Sumatran tiger, the Komodo dragon, the common anaconda, the alligator, and many more species. Should your little ones need to let off some pent-up energy, the zoo also has two play areas for children; one of which is equipped with games adapted for children with reduced mobility. Aquarium Barcelona The Aquarium has more treasures for you with some incredible Mediterranean creatures housed in 35 aquariums. Unique in Europe, the Oceanarium is the largest aquarium with species such as moray eels, rays, and the real stars of Aquarium Barcelona - the bull shark and Milberto's silky shark. You can also enjoy an underwater walk in an 80-meter-long transparent tunnel. Feel like you are walking on the ocean floor as you admire the sharks and the other curious species. Other unmissable attractions include the themed aquariums, where you can learn the small details on marine flora and fauna that are usually missed out in large aquariums; the permanent exhibition Jewels of the Sea where you can admire the colorful shells and molluscs. Don't forget to visit Explore! - an interactive space where kids can grow closer to the marine world through interactive activities.