Early Access to the Acropolis and Old Athens Walking Tour
Early Access to the Acropolis and Old Athens Walking Tour





Meet your tour guide near the Acropolis of Athens early in the morning. Avoid the heat of the day along with the crowds at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the Dionysus Sanctuary and Dionysus Theater as you reach the south slope of the Acropolis. As you start walking up the hill with your group (22 people or less), you'll see historical monuments of the area. The ancient citadel contains several temples dedicated to Greek gods. You'll visit the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Pedestal of Agrippa. Your English-speaking guide will regale intriguing stories about these white marble structures. A visit to the Acropolis is incomplete without admiring the Parthenon. It is the most lavish temple built by the ancient Greeks for Goddess Athena, built in the 5th century. Getting a Taste of Athenian Culture The walking tour will continue down the hill, from where you'll see a perfect view of the landmarks in current-day Athens - Ancient Agora and the National Observatory of Athens. You'll soon enter the Plaka district of the city. Stroll through Anafiotika, a scenic neighborhood that will give you a glimpse into the culture of Athens. The little alleys are lined with whitewashed mansions, colorful shutters, and more. Your guide will ensure you don't miss out on visiting the hidden gems here, unknown to many. You'll find yourself at the Bathhouse of the Winds, the sole survivor of Athens' public bathhouses. This Ottoman-era gem (dating back to the first Turkish rule, 1453-1669) stands proudly near the Roman Forum and the charismatic Tower of the Winds. Keep your camera handy as you weave past the Roman Forum, the intriguing Fethiye Mosque Museum, and the sprawling Hadrian's Library. Finally, you'll reach Monastiraki Square, one of the oldest surviving squares in the city. From here, you can head to the flea market and buy souvenirs for this memorable walking tour.