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Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, is known for more than being one of the original 13 American colonies. It’s a state with many historic and cultural sites on land and off the land; that is, you can explore these sites from the water. Indeed, the city of Boston lies beside Boston Harbor and the Bostin Main Channel. For this reason, it has earned its reputation for being one of the best cities to visit for seafood. Join the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise and travel around the harbor. From the perspective of a seafaring tourist, see Boston’s most famous tourist attractions. Learn about the American Revolution and its historic narrative from a different lens: from the water!

The Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise Departure Address: 1 Long Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA

Boston Historical Sightseeing Cruise for the family

Boston Tea Party Ships And Museums

boston tea party

The most famous historic event that occurred by the harbor is, of course, the Boston Tea Party. Several Americans dumped several tons of tea into the water. This event is hailed as a peak event in the history of the United States. From the harbor, you will see how Americans nowadays admire and look at the event as a symbol of bravery. The museum provides a reenactment of the event. If you choose to visit the museum, you will be able to observe this special part of history.

USS Consitution And Museum

uss constitution and museum
USS Constitution and Museum

Another notable ship is the USS Constitution, which you can also look at from the harbor. This warship participated in many events. These events include the War of 1812, the HMS Guerriere Battle, the HMS Cyane Battle, and the HMSLevant Battles. From the harbor, you will be able to witness the majesty of the famed warship. You will also be able to hear about its many, many adventures.

The USS Constitution has a long and dotted history. Here is a chronological timeline of all the major events that the USS Constitution was involved with.

Boston Light

boston light house

The oldest and longest-manned lighthouse structure in the entire country is Boston Light. The lighthouse stands on Little Brewster Island, a little bit off from outer Bostin Inner Harbor. When Massachusetts built the lighthouse in 1716, they also built a house, a barn, and a wharf. All of these things still stand close by the lighthouse. It was damaged several times over the years. The causes of the damage are fires, storms, and human will during the American Revolutionary War. Today, electrified walls enclose the structure.

On the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise, you can admire the Boston Light from afar. You can also imagine the lighthouse directing seafaring vessels home.

Harbor Islands National Park

Boston is known for its bodies of water. It is also known for having awe-inspiring nature. Located between Quincy Bay and Hingham Bay, Boston’s Harbor Islands National Park is available for all to visit and explore. Along with others on the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise, you have the opportunity to visit or “island hop” between all of the 34 small islands that make up the whole national park. On each island, there are buildings, lighthouses, and other famous structures that you can see and admire individually. 

Buildings, Structures, Nature, and Wildlife

These structures and amenities include resort hotels, agricultural buildings, coastal defense, and commercial fishing. The islands also hold natural and cultural resources that hold significance to Native Americans. These include historical and contemporary settlements as well as burial grounds. Deer Island is one such place that holds great importance to the indigenous people of the country.

Boston Harbor Islands And The People

Massachusetts’ capital is home to many different people from all cultural heritages and backgrounds. The Harbor Islands, specifically, holds significant meaning to African-American, indigenous, and native people groups. Throughout the years, the Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands have lent themselves to these people and provided for them in many different and important ways. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the history of the Harbor Islands. We will also supply you with some context of what the islands mean to these specific people groups today.

African Americans And The Boston Harbor Islands

African-American history began in the 16th Century. Unfortunately, it is not a happy beginning at all. Many people were kidnapped from West Africa and brought over to America. There, they were traded, sold, and forced to work the land under harsh and cruel conditions. Because of this, the relationship between the African-American people and the US is a somber one.

Pre-Civil War: Boston Harbor Islands And The Underground Railroad

The Boston Harbor Islands has made their mark in the history books as one of the unknown stops along the Underground Railroad. For much of America’s history, people—mostly from the South—have been owning, trading, and forcing work on slaves. These slaves were often mistreated and malnourished. Many of them died due to work accidents or cruel beatings.

For this reason, people who saw the act of slave-owning as inhumane and inherently evil built The Underground Railroad. They consisted of white US Northerners and freed slaves. From the year 1830 to a little after the Civil War, The Underground Railroad helped many slaves escape to the North in order to gain freedom.

The Underground Railroad

For many people, the Underground Railroad was a shining beam of hope, as it was a system of secret paths that led from the South to the North, where African American slaves could become free. Many Boston residents collaborated in order to give as many slaves as possible a chance at full citizenship and escape from their masters in the mostly slave-driving South. Although America’s history is riddled with notorious events, the Underground Railroad is one of America’s redeeming moments. You can listen to the stories of former slaves who stopped at Boston’s Harbor Islands on their journey to freedom.

Civil War: Gallops Island And The 54th and 55th Regiments

Unfortunately, there was a civil war that broke out between the North and the South during the years 1861–1865. Some of the causes of the war were the clashing of economic interests and cultural values, the debate over how much power the federal government should have in individual states, and of course, the issue of slavery that has been prominent in much of the American South.

Two famous troops made their names known as they were two of the first all-Black units. They were the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry Regiment. On their way back home from battle, the former slaves turned patriotic soldiers would stop by Gallops Island. Many soldiers, white and black, stopped by Gallops Island due to its proximity to Boston.

Native Americans And The Boston Harbor Islands

Unfortunately, the amount of information on the relationship between Boston’s Harbor Islands and its original native settlers is limited. All that is known is that Harbor Islands once was home to numerous Native Americans. That was until the first settlers from Europe arrived in the mid to late 1650s. We also know that there is a harbor port that has been serving Boston’s native residents as their main trading port long before the invasion of the Europeans.

Boston’s Working Port

After the European settlers arrived and made their home on American land, they established the Boston Port. The new settlers also established several other ports in other major cities such as New York City. Over the years, they provided international and domestic trading since the late 1600s. Because of its seaside location, Boston’s Port has established the city as a hub of trading and commerce. Today, Boston stands as a successful US city. One might say that Boston couldn’t function without the Boston Port. From the harbor, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the port as it stands today.


In this article, we have provided a wealth of information about the Boston Harbor Islands. However, there is much more left to learn. If you wish to learn more about the Harbor Islands or about the city in general, you’re in luck! In addition to being part of the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise tour, the Harbor Islands National Park has its own apps. These apps will guide and educate visitors on the history and culture of the islands. Click for the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise app for iPhone and the Boston Historic Sightseeing Harbor Cruise app for Android. Otherwise, we highly recommend researching the National Park before visiting.

When people think of Boston, they think of seafood. They also think of Boston’s proximity to the water. When you visit Boston, there are several opportunities to observe and admire Boston’s harbor and its surrounding edifices and infrastructure. You’ll also be able to learn about the historical narrative that weaves through natural and man-made attractions. You will also, of course, get many chances to try Boston’s famous clam chowder and crab rolls. Whenever people visit Boston, they certainly won’t skip the seafood or spending time by the bodies of water. Why not join others in enjoying Boston’s sea life and food?

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