Ultimate 15 Best Things to do in Key West

Top Unique Things to do in Key West

Key West is always summer, with rum, sunbeds, as well as Cuban cuisine all within close reach. Popular for its pleasant, sunny climate, beautiful beaches, elegant wedding locations, breakfast places, excellent restaurants, family outings, parks, as well as magnificent vistas, as well as many historic sites.

Key West is more than a Florida beach resort; it is rich in culture and history, having hosted an American president and one of history’s most prolific authors, who left behind a magnificent house that you may see. If that isn’t enough, the region offers both the anticipated excellent beaches and the unexpected state and national parks with delightfully sparse crowds. Sportfishing is also world-famous, and although we cannot guarantee you’ll catch a large one, we can guarantee you’ll catch one. Here are the top things to do in Key West on your next visit.

What is the best month to go to Key West?

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The months of March through May are the most pleasant for visiting Key West. The winter crowds will thin out, hotel prices will become more affordable, and the climate will be strikingly comparable to the glorious 70s and 80s of the previous winter. Speaking about winter, it is the busiest and also most expensive time of year on the island.`

Is Key West expensive?

Somewhat expensive because of the difficulties and high demand, Key West is consistently the most expensive location to reside in the state of Florida. Even with the recent decrease in costs, purchasing a house in Key West remains out of reach for many people, particularly those who do not have access to cheap financing.

It is recommended that you budget about $170 per day for your Key West trip, which is the average daily price based on the expenditures of previous tourists. In addition, the average hotel rate in Key West for a couple is $211 per night. This results in an average total cost of $2,383 for a one-week trip to Key West for a couple traveling together.

Is Key West good for couples?

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Yes of course it is good for couples! For Couples, Key West Is Romantic. Good weather, beautiful beaches, as well as beautiful sunsets all contribute to the creation of a romantic world free from life’s worries. The island’s beauties, as well as charm, provide the ideal environment for couples seeking a romantic vacation trip.

15 Must Do Things In Key West

Harry S. Truman Little White House, Key West, Florida

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The Harry S. Truman Little White House opened in 1890 as the command of the naval station’s headquarters during the Spanish-American war. During both world wars, it performed the same purpose. In 1946, President Harry S. Truman used the structure as his winter White House. Successive presidents utilized it for leisure and relaxation, especially during stressful periods like the Cold War.

While the home is still a retreat and business venue by the country’s leaders, it is also accessible to the public as a museum. The museum’s official travel diaries are fascinating papers to examine since they provide information on President Truman’s visits, the people he met, and other intriguing nuggets about his 11 journeys to Key West. The Harry S. Truman Little White House is one of the finest things to do in Key West FL for history enthusiasts. Guided tours offer further information on Harry S. Truman’s tenure, the Cold War period, including Key West’s naval history.

Key West Aquarium

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The Key West Aquarium is on Whitehead Street next to the famous Mallory Square and was made between 1932 and 1934. Originally constructed as an open-air aquarium, it is Key West’s sole public aquarium and one of the state’s oldest. The American Alligator Exhibit, the Atlantic Shores Exhibit, and the Jellyfish Exhibit are just a few of the aquarium’s exhibits.

The aquarium offers a variety of educational programs, including Touch Tank/Aquarium History, Sea Turtle Conservation Tours, and Interactive Shark and Stingray Feedings. The aquarium provides both planned and group visits and may be leased for private events such as banquets and weddings.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum

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Bring the youngsters to explore the historic CGC INGHAM, a 50-year-old Coast Guard cutter. With numerous wars under its belt, this legendary Coast Guard workhorse has also played a pivotal role in the majority of the 20th century’s history. From 1936 until 1988, Ingham was active, served in both world wars, and saved many lives.

Two Presidential Unit Citations were presented to the ship. Ingham is now the Maritime Museum & National Historic Landmark, located on the Truman Waterfront near Key West’s western edge. If you’re searching for unusual weekend activities, don’t miss this intriguing historical site.

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Lloyd’s Tropical Bike Tour

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Consider visiting a new, interesting location and having your best friend show you all the great places. That is the role Lloyd plays for visitors who sign up for one of his educational, unexpected, and amusing bike excursions. Tours begin at 9:45 a.m. and depart from Moped Hospital on Truman Avenue. You’ll spend two hours riding around flat Key West streets, where Lloyd will show you nearly everything Key West has to offer and a little bit more.

You’ll see the Key West Wildlife Center, a botanical garden inside the ancient fort, hidden gardens belonging to his friends, and fascinating historic homes belonging to different celebrities. Lloyd will share tales, introduce you to local people, and allow you to taste some of the seasons especially fruits. You will not be able to sit still on this trip, but you will enjoy every minute of it.

Dry Tortugas National Park

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Dry Tortugas National Park, with its magnificent nineteenth-century Fort Jefferson, is a must-see for history lovers. At the park, you can see the sea and seven tiny islands. It is about 70 miles south of Key West. The park has beautiful blue seas with a variety of healthy coral reefs and marine life. Additionally, there is a sizable colony of migratory and tropical birds here.

You may access the park via boat, hired boat, seaplane, or ferry. Take a 45-minute guided tour of the Fort to learn about its history, or stroll along the moat for a breathtaking view of the surrounding reefs and marine life. Snorkeling, as well as swimming, are exciting sports that are accessible in specified locations.

Lazy Dog Adventures

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It’s alluring to lounge about Key West and watch the world go by. However, if you’re in the mood for some water-based activity, Lazy Dog Adventures offers a variety of exciting alternatives. Lazy Dog is in the Hurricane Hole Marina and is run by lazy dogs Bonny, Casey, and Tucker, as well as their owners. They provide a fleet of kayaks, some beautiful new paddleboards, as well as other snorkeling equipment.

They’ll take you on a tour of mangroves and waterways, teach you how to paddleboard if you’re interested, or offer you a map and directions to start you on your journey. The best part is you can bring your best friend, your dog 🙂

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

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Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, located on Truman Annex at Key West’s southern tip, is a popular park and beach that provides a variety of activities. Locally referred to as Fort Taylor or Fort Zach, it is a Florida State Park that is a National Historic Landmark due to its Civil War-era fort.

The park hosts a variety of special events, including week-long Civil War reenactments. Considered one of Key West’s finest beaches, the park also provides beach equipment such as chairs and water sports equipment such as snorkeling equipment and floats. Throughout the park, there are many dining options.

Make A Visit To Mallory Square

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Mallory Square is centrally in Key West. Dozens of people come here each evening to see the famous Key West sunset. The Square would become a hive of activity as street performers, musicians, and food vendors gather to provide food as well as entertainment. It’s a really festive environment, so join in on the fun throughout your Key West vacation via tourteller.com.

Stroll Along The Historic Seaport Of Key West

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This is a lovely location to visit. Several hundred boats and yachts are berthed here. The port is lined with pubs and restaurants. While you’re here, settle down at the Schooner Wharf’s bar or stop by the Cuban Coffee Queen for a cup of coffee.

Eat Your Way Through The Key West

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Key West is home to several fantastic eateries. Listed below are a handful of our personal favorites.

Heaven in Blue This is a must-visit for breakfast and brunch. Dine al fresco in this eccentric, artistically designed restaurant serving delectable cuisine. Arrive early or expect a wait of up to an hour for a table.

Queen of Cuban Coffee At this outdoor food stall, we enjoyed one of our finest meals. This tiny restaurant, located near the Key West Historic Seaport, offers Cuban food and the finest coffee Latitudes has to offer. This is a nice dining establishment on Sunset Key. The cuisine is excellent, and here is another excellent location to view the sunset.

Things to Do in Key West, Florida: Pepe’s

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From the exterior, Pepe’s seems to have remained untouched since it opened in 1909. Once inside, you’ll be transported to Papa Hemingway’s beautiful Key West. The walls are adorned with autographed photographs of previous customers and other mementos. If you want to dine outdoors, ask for a table on the spacious patio in the rear, which is shaded by many huge trees.

Anything you choose to eat will be delicious and homemade. The dishes are prepared using fish caught that morning, the biscuits and Key Lime Pie are baked daily, and the orange juice is squeezed fresh for you. Their breakfast is fantastic; the menu varies every day and the choices vary according to what is in season and accessible. Pepe’s is located on Caroline Street, throughout the center of the waterfront area’s historic transit sector.

Key West Ghost Hunting

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Key West is a ghost town. From abducted lovers to heinous murders, the island has a lengthy history of ghost stories. Probably the most renowned is Robert The Doll. This doll, a gift from a Bahamian servant adept in voodoo, is claimed to have flipped over furniture, screamed, and communicated.

Captain Tony’s Saloon has a lengthy and bloody history. The structure, which was once a mortuary, has witnessed numerous hurricane fatalities, and the tree growing in the center of the bar has witnessed 17 hangings. According to legend, a Lady in Blue who was hanged from this tree continues to haunt the Saloon to this day.

Conservatory of Butterflies and Nature in Key West

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The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is home to about 60 butterfly species and 20 unusual bird species. Take a stroll through a wonderful and welcoming habitat teeming with hundreds of nature’s most stunning flying animals.

Their art show “Wings of Imagination” features pieces by artist Sam Trophia. Acrylic shadow boxes retain and suspend the butterfly’s beauty in a variety of colors, shapes, as well as sizes.

The State’s Oldest Residence

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It is said to be the Oldest House in South Florida and was constructed in 1829 by Captain Francis Watlington, a well-known wrecker. Wrecking is the act of removing treasures from shipwrecks, of which there were many in the Key West area.

Today, the house serves as a museum, showcasing nineteenth-century life via portraits and furniture, as well as Caribbean colonial architecture. Key West was formerly the wealthiest city in the U.S.A.

Museum & Gardens of Fort East Martello

The Fort East Martello Museum began in 1862 and has military memorabilia, Cuban and early settlement relics, sponging as well as fishing exhibits, Stanley Papio’s trash art, and local folk art.

Additionally, the museum houses the haunting Robert the Doll, which was formerly by eccentric artist Robert Eugene Otto. According to legend, the doll shuffled voodoo figurines about a room, causing automobile accidents, broken bones, and other calamities.

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